Customized solutions

We offer a range of services, tailored to the challenges and opportunities at each site.


Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare, including lab work and physicals, is brought in-house

Acute and Urgent Care

Attention to injuries onsite reduces emergency room visits

Mental Health Therapy

Therapists collaborating with clinicians to provide deeper, effective care

Diet/Nutritional Coaching

Preventing health issues through lifestyle changes

Onsite Healthy Meals

We partner with local vendors to provide healthy meals

Physical Therapy

Identify and target problem areas and overuse injuries

Biometric Screening

Blood draws rather than fingerstick tests, and in-house follow up appointments

Drug Screenings

Take over all pre-employment and DOT screenings

Targeted Interventions

Data analytics to focus on high-cost patients

Data Analytics

Actionable insight into what is happening within your company

How We Work

Primary care and more. Archive Health goes above and beyond your typical onsite primary and acute care services. We provide a full range of health and wellness services for your workforce that increase productivity and decrease healthcare costs. From data analytics, to providing healthy meals, we customize our services to each location.

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