Customized Onsite Healthcare

Reduce healthcare costs.
Increase productivity.
Attract and retain talent.

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Why Archive?


Tailored specifically to your organization's needs, our employer direct healthcare services offer a personalized approach to employee health, optimizing well-being and productivity.

We offer a range of services, tailored to the challenges and opportunities at each site.

Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare, including lab work and physicals, is brought in-house

Acute and Urgent Care

Attention to injuries onsite reduces emergency room visits

Mental Health Therapy

Therapists collaborating with clinicians to provide deeper, effective care

Diet/Nutritional Coaching

Preventing health issues through lifestyle changes

Who we serve.

Industrial Locations

In addition to providing onsite primary care for your employees, we provide specialized programs to address diet-related conditions, combined with data analytics for targeted care.

Corporate Locations

We provide superior benefits and white glove service that aid in employee satisfaction and retention. Onsite services include health and wellness, IV therapy, nutrition and supplementation, and telehealth.


"The implementation of Archive Health has been such a huge benefit to our employees and their family members. The team is very responsive and eager to offer services that go beyond triage care and assisting with emergent illnesses. They are invested in the total health and well-being of our employees and host wellness events that include biometric screening and healthy meals in our onsite cantinas."

— Client HR and Benefits Director
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